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In the digital era—also referred to as the information age—online learning or e-learning has been embraced by some of the country’s most motivated people. Thanks to the latest technology, those keen to learn have access to a vast wealth of educational material by means of which they can acquire new knowledge in an easy and painless manner: simply by connecting to the internet.

Actividades interconectadas, ocio y educación por e-learning, entre ellas.

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One of the biggest advantages of online learning is the wide range of platforms—Moodle, Coursera or EdX—as well as training programmes: from open courses (MOOC) and webinars to Master’s degrees (UNED and the University of Cádiz). Irrespective of the age of the students, these courses all employ multimedia content.

Have you heard of Google’s Digital Garage courses? These are a superb way of reinventing oneself in terms of—among others—digital marketing material, e-commerce, or app design for Android. These courses are based on online learning, with teaching elements that comprise of instructional videos with complementary documents and finish with an exam at the end of each module, plus another final exam to obtain accreditation. Students with any questions have the option of raising these in the related forum so as to encourage the cooperation and participation of the class, or can put them directly to a personal tutor.

Time for Digitalisation

Do you not think it’s time to digitalise your classes and dedicate your time to other matters? Remember that e-learning is neither centred on teachers nor students, but rather on learning material. At AMPERSOUND we can help ensure that your courses are more attractive by means of the management and organisation of your texts, the creation of material, and the voicing of teaching elements. Use the contact form to tell us all about your project, or send us an e-mail via info@ampersoundmedia.com. Convert your classes into an online course, and instead of teaching live a little!

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