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Are you looking for a highly personalised service to attract your target audience? At AMPERSOUND we speak your language and know the importance of ensuring your message is delivered with your brand’s traditional tone and focus while avoiding any cultural pitfalls. With transcreation we don’t only translate – we remodel the original text in another language for another audience, adapting it creatively and with greater freedom in terms of brief and objectives. Our role is to help sell your products and services by means of SEO-optimised texts that will not only attract but also retain clients.

Before undertaking a transcreation project, our team of experts will undertake a cultural assessment to identify any potential hurdles and evaluate the strategies that can be applied to avoid them across a range of media: slogans, television, radio, traditional communication media, social networks, e-commerce, corporate videos, etc. To do this, all textual and audiovisual content is reviewed to determine which elements should be retained and which to rework for a new audience. This is carried out focussing explicitly on the target market in which the product or service is to be offered, and taking into account the practices of any direct or indirect competition. This report determining the creative strategy to be adopted – a copy of which is retained by the client – forms the starting point of the project.

Once the transcreation strategy has been established, our team of native professionals resident in the targeted countries is tasked with translating and adapting the content to meet local requirements – a task that can only truly be accomplished by those living in the country in question. As expert content creators, they begin with the copywriting process, before adding further adaptations to tailor the message for the target audience.

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