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Corporate videos

In the audiovisual age, corporate videos are a powerful internal and external tool. They can be used to put out a message, or to train your company’s employees. A marketing video can also raise awareness of your business, reinforce its brand image or present advertising campaigns to boost your visibility, retain clients or provide added value.

Corporate videos are so effective that the firms using them can witness vastly increased growth in their profits. People today have little time and many distractions, and so the huge majority of users would prefer to watch a video to learn how a product works or to see the advantages of a particular service than read a written text.

If visibility is the key, remember that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and increasingly people turn directly to videos to find out about the subject that interests them. Whenever we connect to the internet, we are continually searching for information – and it is the activity that internet users most repeat. As such, video is a resource that cannot be ignored.

Another factor in the success of a modern business that shouldn’t be overlooked is the ranking of websites by search engines (SEO). Did you know that by including video on a website, the chances of appearing on Google’s first page of results are multiplied by 50? It’s a fundamental consideration, given that only 10% of users go as far as the second page when searching for content.

Today it is free and very easy to share videos on YouTube, social media or any instant messaging platform, and as such the possibility exists to reach any corner of the globe. Videos generate visits to their owner’s websites, and are the best starting point for capturing new clients and making them aware of a firm’s services. Furthermore, it’s far more likely that a video will go viral, and so it really is worth making the most of the opportunities that it has to offer.

The power of corporate videos is immense, and will undoubtedly grow even more in the future. At AMPERSOUND we can assist you with every step towards creating your own: from recording and editing of the video, to translation, subtitling and dubbing. Use the contact form to get in touch with us today, or send us an e-mail via

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