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Accessibility: subtitling for the deaf

Are you sure you’re reaching all of your potential customers? There may be a whole sector of society that remains unaware of your project. According to the Spanish National Statistics Institute, there are more than 1.8 million people in Spain with impaired hearing. With our many years of experience in subtitling, as well as considerable research in the combined fields of accessibility and new technology, we are keen to provide a universal product that can be enjoyed equally by all.

We ensure compliance with the UNE 153010:2012 standard for subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing for television, although this isn’t the only media available: virtual reality, 360° and smartwatch subtitling are also commonplace, and at AMPERSOUND we can assist with any of these.

At AMPERSOUND we are committed to equal opportunities and would, of course, be delighted to contribute towards the diffusion of your project through our portfolio of experts in audiovisual accessibility and new technology.

One of the most commonplace uses of subtitling for the deaf can also be applied to video games. Through regular and seamless communication with development teams we can ensure that the linguistic element of the product or service in question meets today’s requirements in all spheres of society, but above all when it comes to the design of software and apps, and in the development of video games.

Take a look at the word-by-word subtitling system designed by our experts for smartwatch and other small-scale interfaces.

If you have a project that requires special attention to ensure it reaches the greatest number of people on equal terms, tell us all about it using the contact form, or get in touch by e-mail via and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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