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DVD and Blu-Ray content

There’s life beyond the closing credits! The DVD and Blu-Ray formats allow us to add additional content for collectors who want to enjoy their favourite audiovisual material to the max.

Thanks to their high storage capacity, these formats lend themselves perfectly to high-definition films and series. Even in the age of streaming they remain the go-to choice for audiences who want a physical copy of their favourite movies or programmes as a safeguard in case of removal from an online provider’s catalogue. The format is also ideal for video games, today’s consoles coming equipped with their own disc player, which can be used for video as well as games.

At AMPERSOUND we are a multi-talented team, and can tackle any challenge. Besides handling the main material, we can also translate any additional content such as extended versions, commentaries by the director and cast, interviews, casting sessions, podcasts, reports, recreations, deleted and post-credit scenes, 3D content, music videos, trailers, and even songs and games – and all of this while respecting the characteristics of the original material, its terminology and format.

If you want to make the most of your storage media and inject new life into your content without sacrificing the translation style of the original work, get in touch – we will be glad to assess which material could be of interest translated into any language. Send us an e-mail via info@ampersoundmedia.com or fill in the contact form and we will get right back to you. We’re looking forward to working together to create bonus material that will delight your audience.

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