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Once a script has been translated and suitably adapted, we take it to the studio, place it on the lectern and begin the dubbing process – that is to say, the recording and substitution of the spoken voices in a cinematic or televisual production in order to reach an international audience. The process consists of replacing the audio track containing the dialogue of the original actors with identical or similar dialogue performed by voice actors in a different language (the target language). These performers aim to achieve perfect kinetic and lip synchronisation with the images on screen in order to obtain a polished end product.

Finally, the sound engineer is tasked with recording the various voices and mixing the audio tracks (the dubbed voices and the original soundtrack) with the images on screen.

The reason for dubbing is to be able to offer the production in question in the language of the country where it is to be released. Here in Spain there is a long history of dubbing, and it remains the favoured choice of consumers today. It is true that among younger generations subtitled versions of the original are gaining ground, we believe in the importance of reaching every audience and every market. We also consider that each individual should be able to see a film in whichever manner they prefer, and for this reason we provide dubbing as well as subtitling services for every medium and platform.

At AMPERSOUND we dub the entire spectrum of audiovisual genres, including films, TV series, documentaries, reality television, video games, commercials, corporate videos and much more.

Want to experience examples of voice-over and dubbing? Here are a few examples of our director’s work.

We are a reliable source for your translation and dubbing projects, and have a team of  professionals who are experts in the field, as well as a fully equipped recording studio to meet your every need. Want to see it?

If you require our dubbing services, get in touch using the contact form or drop us a line via info@ampersoundmedia.com.We’re looking forward to working on the solution that best meets your needs.

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