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Television programmes

A large element of television schedules as well as the content on the latest digital platforms is made up of TV programmes that can be informative, educational or simple entertainment, and which range from late shows to monologues to game shows.

The concept of the television show is timeless in its appeal. In today’s world, news programmes are vital to each and every channel: think of the evening bulletin, that flagship of news programming; interviews, which can be incorporated into any manner of other programmes (music, sport, politics, investigation…); sports news; reports, and so on.

Informative programmes, meanwhile, serve to educate the public. These can include talk shows, documentaries and investigative programmes on a wide range of themes: travel, sport, science, books, music, video games…

Ultimately, though, who doesn’t watch television simply to enjoy themselves? The raison d’etre of entertainment programmes – be they fictional or factual – is the pursuit of leisure. On occasion, we at AMPERSOUND may have to translate and adapt stories based on an original scripted production, as is the case with series, soap operas and films. In other cases we might be confronted with the spontaneity and improvisation of contestants taking part in a programme, as is the case with game shows and reality television. But whatever the scenario, we steadfastly observe the directives governing broadcasting to ensure that the language used is appropriate both for the time of day when the show will be aired, and the target audience.

The language of television programmes is fresh, dynamic and up to date, so we ensure that we are on the ball and make the most of our many resources, rather like a team of scriptwriters. And just like scriptwriters, our goal is a riveting show that will hook the audience.Want us to help with your project? Use the contact form to tell us about it, or send us an e-mail via and we’ll provide you with everything you need for your programme to become an international success.

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