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Linguistic and audiovisual project management

After more than 15 years in the translation industry – and the audiovisual and localisation fields in particular – we can affirm that solid project management is key to achieving quality results. And that is precisely what we would like to offer you: the benefit of our vast project management experience within numerous working environments in the audiovisual and translation industries.

At AMPERSOUND we possess an extensive portfolio of linguistic partners able to satisfy every requirement of your project. We rigorously select the collaborators for each step of the process, focussing to the requisite speciality or linguistic combination. We guarantee the professionality of our partners, who, after careful scrutiny of their CV, are expected to pass a translation exam that demonstrates their capacity for resolving a diverse range of linguistic problems.

Depending upon the characteristics of the project, there can be a tremendous range of tasks: translationlocalisationproofreading and quality assurance, narrationdubbingscript changes for dubbingsubtitlingauditory and visual accessibilitycopywritingtranscreationproduction and photographypost-production and interpretation.

For AMPERSOUND it is vitally important to maintain close communication with our clients and partners, and employ regular progress reports to ensure the completion of each phase on time. Personalised attention is our seal of quality. Take a look at our values – our dedicated team is what makes AMPERSOUND a guarantee of confidence.

Do you have a project underway and want to enjoy the peace of mind afforded by professional management? Do you want to record a 360° promotional video of your town, but don’t have access to the means? Do you need to subtitle your company’s corporate videos to train your overseas employees? You are in the right place. Use the contact form to tell us your requirements, or write to us at We’re looking forward to working on the solution that best meets your needs.

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