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Reality television

Reality television includes all of those audiovisual productions that, a priori, lack a script and revolve around the deeds of the participants in each moment. It is a televisual genre that has also been adopted by VOD platforms and which is characterised by bringing to the fore the drama and conflict in the daily lives of the participants – a feature that lends it certain similarities to a documentary.

The genre is considered to have arisen in 1991 with the Dutch programme Nummer 28, which was the first to bring together strangers while filming their interaction. Little by little the genre has gone on to deal with a variety of different themes (air disasters, cooking, mysterious illnesses, cakes, wedding dresses, searching for gold…). Today, as a result, it is possible to find reality TV about almost every subject imaginable. It is also common for networks to compete with rival channels by airing reality programmes on the same theme at the same time.

From a technical viewpoint, reality television can be categorised as:

  • Passive observer: The cameras record the reactions of the participants without being involved in the developing scenarios.
  • Hidden observer: The participants are unaware that they are being recorded (or pretend to be).
  • Competition: In this case, a group of participants competes for a prize while the cameras observe them continually during the programme.

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