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Narration is a vocal technique associated with communication. Unlike dubbing, it doesn’t necessarily mean working from a text originally written in another language, and as a rule it is generally used in short productions (adverts, news reports, interviews…) that are characterised by immediacy. In this particular field, it’s not necessary for the narrator to achieve complete synchrony with the images, as is the case with the voice-overs in documentaries and reality TV, as well as audiobooks and audioguides.

Objectives of narration:

  1. To master the voice as an indispensable tool of communication. To speak into the microphone with clear, intelligible and correct articulation and elocution.
  2. To know the expressive vocal resources, and how to put them to use delivering a broad range of messages – in particular advertising. This consists of mastering every vocal quality, demonstrating accurate prosody (suitable intonation, rhythm and accent) and fluent pronunciation.
  3. To master each of the various vocal qualities: the manipulation of intensity, pitch, tone and duration when reading aloud news bulletins, adverts and promotional videos of all sorts.

Want to hear our dubbing and narration director’s voice? Listen carefully to the following samples of advertising and documentaries.

Do you have a narration project for radio or television? Advertising material that needs voice-over? Does your exhibition need an audio guide?  Maybe you need audio description to make your film accessible to all audiences? You’ve come to the right place. Our specialists can carefully assess your needs to establish the ideal voicing for your product and its users.

Our dubbing and voice-over director has more than 25 years of experience in the field and will certainly be able to assist you. Get in touch using the contact form, or send us an e-mail via and we’ll be delighted to find the perfect voicing solution for you needs.

Want to see where we record the narration for audio guides, audio descriptions and audiobooks? Take a look around our studio with this 360° image and get to know the type of equipment we have at our disposal.

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