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Whether for a museum, tourist attraction, gastronomy or simply to facilitate access to your business, an audio guide can make all the difference between going unnoticed and captivating your audience – and them recommending you to others. Beautifully worded text combined with professional voicing and a pleasant delivery is how AMPERSOUND can give your project the visibility it deserves.

As you know, an audio guide can provide visitors with additional content of a varied nature, and its applications are extraordinarily varied – far more so than most people would imagine. And having reached our website, you can now discover those applications for yourself!

Audio guides are commonly used in museums to describe a logical tour of the collection, as well as providing visitors with informative or descriptive explanations about the paintings, sculptures or even the building itself. Among these interactive audio guides that give expert information about the objects or most popular floors – but also about the exhibition space itself – are those of Madrid’s railway museum, the Casa de las Ciencias in A Coruña, the La Concepción botanical garden in Málaga or the port in Cartagena – each one of them voiced by our dubbing director.

Not everything is focused on museums and historic buildings, however. In the past decade, special attention has been given to accessibility and to the concept of smart cities. The town hall of Granada already offers a route planner for the historic Albaicín and Sacromonte districts that takes into account the user’s profile – adapting routes to the needs of the elderly, those with prams or wheelchair users… Each parameter is taken into account.

As part of the journey towards smart cities, those businesses most concerned about the inclusion of the visually impaired are providing, by means of audio guides, descriptions to help locate their premises and identify any access difficulties. In this way, people who before might have been unaware of the existence of such firms can now take full advantage of them without any worry or burden. If any of these situations sound familiar and you are currently working on a project, get in touch using the contact form or send us an e-mail via and we’ll help replace bewildered frowns with fascinated smiles.

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