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Documentaries are one most widespread non-fictional genres to be broadcast on television. They are defined as a cinematic film or television programme that deals with subjects of scientific, social, or cultural interest (among others) by means of real-life facts, situations and people, and their objective is to impart knowledge or learning. The format combines the research associated with journalism and the relating of facts in the form of a narrative, and this is what generates the audience’s interest. During our time in the audiovisual sector, we have dealt with a broad range of the many different formats that go to make up the genre:

  • Nature documentaries: Discovery, TVE, Canal Sur.
  • History documentaries: Canal Historia, La Otra, National Geographic.
  • Travel and tourism documentaries: Canal Viajar, TEN, DKISS.
  • Documentaries and reports on social issues and current affairs: Canal Odisea, Be Mad.
  • Documentaries on sagas and famous films: AMC TV, Paramount, La 2.

In general, the content of such programmes is very enriching, meaning that we often learn as we translate – thus making our work all the more rewarding. You could say that through such projects we have visited every continent without ever leaving home, and been able to discover other worlds and situations quite unlike our own.

Thanks to our experience we know that documentaries require special attention to detail, one of their principal characteristics being a knowledgeable tone and the use of very specific vocabulary. There can be a multitude of technical jargon, foreign units of measurement that need converting into the metric system, plus figures and names that we can’t get wrong. For these reasons, at AMPERSOUND we have united the very best team of professionals to translate and narrate documentaries of every kind. We invest a huge effort in checking our translations to ensure that we can feel justifiably proud of them. We seek out the most reliable sources of information for each case, and are aware of the importance of getting every last detail right.

What is the end result? Listen to the voice of our dubbing director in the following snippets from a selection of documentaries.

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