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Adaptation for dubbing

By means of adaptation for dubbing, it is possible for characters to perform a perfectly synchronised script in a different language. This is possible thanks to the combined efforts of our team of translators and editors, the experience of our dubbing director and the expertise of our sound engineers.

In the adaptation phase, the dubbing translation is reviewed once more, and the dubbing script prepared by means of the following tasks:

  • division of the script into takes;
  • insertion of symbols and dubbing marks to facilitate each actor’s task (sound gestures, pauses);
  • timing review  
  • phonetic adjustment, which is to say ensuring the synchronisation of lip movements – especially in the case of labial consonants and open vowels;
  • isochronic adjustment, which is to say ensuring that the duration of the dialogue is matched and that pauses are included between dialogues;
  • insertion and creation of background effects (ad lib);
  • adaptation of the register of speech of each character and to the context of the action, without losing the slightest hint of meaning in comparison to the original version.

Adaptation is an essential step to avoid any dialogue appearing mechanical, for the voicing to be authentic and to maintain suitable rhythm and cadence. In the event of a last minute change being necessary, having professional translators present in the recording studio enables us to address any doubts ad hoc without compromising the quality of the end result.

Want to know more about our adaptation for dubbing service? Do you have a text to be narrated and need professional reviewing to guarantee that the message is delivered with fluency and in a suitable register? We would be delighted to resolve your doubts and create the optimum dubbing script for you. Use the contact form to get in touch, or send us an e-mail via and we’ll do our utmost to find you the very best solution for your project.

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