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Audiobooks have already conquered the publishing industry in the United States and the UK, and now, thanks to the arrival of platforms such as Storytel (often referred to as ‘the Netflix of audiobooks’), Google Home and Alexa (Amazon’s electronic assistant), accessing literature has never been easier.

Audiobooks attract incorrigible bookworms who are short of time as much as those who have abandoned traditional publishing in favour of other leisure activities and modern technology. Although 50% of audiobook users are aged from 35 to 50, the young are becoming an increasingly important market, and currently represent some 35% of users. It is often said that Spanish youth doesn’t read, or that it does but in a different way. But look at Storytel’s analysis of audiobook use in Spain.

Interesting, isn’t it? Look at what Spanish audiobook users also get up to while they are listening to them. The big advantage of audiobooks is that the user can, for example, work out while digesting a guide on how to improve their business. Or enjoy classic literature or maybe the latest Dan Brown best-seller while doing the housework. Or delve into a little suspense on the way to work, or even dream of George R. R. Martin’s fantastic worlds as they drift off to sleep.

As can be seen, the possibilities provided by audiobooks only serve to encourage the enjoyment of our favourite authors. At AMPERSOUND can help promote culture and literature through the narration of audiobooks. We have an entire portfolio of voicing professionals ready to assist authors, publishers and platforms, and go to great lengths to ensure we have the right actors and actresses for each project.

If you have a literary work that you want to reach the greatest number of readers (or listeners), get in touch using the contact form, or send us an e-mail via We are looking forward to doing everything we can to help achieve your objectives.

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