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The localisation process, which is applied principally to software applications, websites and video games, consists of adapting a product or service to the local market in such a way that it appears to have been created in that language.

In today’s globalised society, it is easy to reach an international audience thanks to the internet and the latest technology. But do you know how to do it in the most effective and fruitful way? At AMPERSOUND we can help you think globally and act locally, without losing sight of brand coherence, but giving your content a local flavour.

Translation is just one step; beforehand we prepare the translatable content, separating text, images, graphics and video in order to treat each with specialist tools and deliver a fully functioning product in another language.

Furthermore, while translating we never lose sight of the fact that the key to a product’s success is in its cultural adaptation to the target audience: the images, page orientation, layout, time and date format, colours of marketing material and icons are among the many elements that can have an implicit cultural significance and which we can modify or adjust if necessary.

Once the translation to the target language is complete and implemented in the original support, we begin the quality assurance process. For this, we test the software application, website or video game in the new language, undertaking a linguistic, aesthetic and functionality check to ensure the optimum performance of the product and the absence of bugs.

Furthermore, we always go beyond mere translation, given that our experience in localisation enables us to provide a personalised analysis that includes a study of the market to identify regional preferences and check local legal issues relating to – among others – the trade of goods and services, transport, censorship and privacy.

Do you need your website to reach an international audience? Are you concerned that your video game won’t have the same impact in every language? Get in touch with us using the contact form or send an e-mail to info@ampersoundmedia.com and we will create a completely personalised strategy that enables you reach all four corners of the globe.

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