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Television commercials or adverts are messages whose objective is to raise awareness of a product, fact, happening or indeed anything else that is to be commercialised in some way. These adverts form part of a company’s marketing campaigns, being intended to promote articles, products and services by means of a convincing proposition.

Characteristics of commercials:

  • They have a duration of less than 60 seconds. Often the complete advert will last for much longer, but is edited down for television to remain on screen for the optimum length of time without boring the audience.
  • They are intended to captivate the audience in a very short time, while creating a desire for a specific object – the thing being sold.
  • They need to be credible – if not, they will fail to convince potential clients.
  • They are very visual. They may contain text, but they are conceived with the eyes in mind – as a result, the use of captivating imagery and suitable music are important.
  • They should clearly reveal their intention in a few seconds. What does the product do. What services does it provide? Why should you buy it?

Some of the most commonplace commercials are for:

  • Cars
  • Insurance
  • Perfume
  • Fashion
  • Drinks
  • Fast-food chains
  • But there are many more!

If you have a commercial that needs voicing or subtitling, we have an entire team at your disposal with the skills and experience necessary to ensure it reaches your target audience. We frequently work with advertising material and are fully aware of the importance of delivering a quality product. At AMPERSOUND we take the time to learn about the intricacies of the product in question and the philosophy of the company behind it. We also analyse the objectives of the advert, the sector of society that it’s aimed at, and the need the product has been designed to fulfill. We then carefully translate the message to ensure that it meets its target audience with all the success of the original.

Listen to our voicing and dubbing director performing his art in these commercials.

If you want your commercial to reach the greatest number of potential customers, use the contact form to tell us all about it or send us an e-mail via We’re looking forward to creating the advertising solution that meets your needs.

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