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Interviews and reports

An interview is a dialogue between two or more people: the interviewer, who poses questions, and the interviewee, who answers them. For it to succeed, there must be a previous agreement between both parties. The format is widely used in television programmes, and its objectives include:

  • Better understanding the ideas, feelings or behaviour of the interviewee.
  • Explaining and raising awareness of the motives behind a particular movement.
  • Giving the interviewee’s version or point of view about a current topic or a specific event.
  • Backing up a news story or report that is being discussed.
  • Providing details about someone’s professional or private life – generally a celebrity or other person in the public eye (film directors, sportsmen, actors…).

In many cases, interviews form part of a news bulletin, documentary, celebrity gossip show or crime programme, and attract the audience’s attention by means of the details they reveal. And if they are conducted in a foreign language, we are here to translate them and ensure that they reach the audience.

A report is journalistic investigation carried out by a reporter into a happening, a personality or practically any other subject; it is generally accompanied by photographs, images, documents, interviews, etc, and is either published in the press or broadcast on television or radio. The lexicon used tends to be accessible in order to reach the most diverse and widest possible audience. For this reason, reports can be said to share many similarities with documentaries – another audiovisual genre that we handle.

At AMPERSOUND we translate interviews and reports for broadcasting across all manner of audiovisual platforms, and can draw on considerable experience in the field. Whether for dubbing or subtitling, we are happy to adapt to the client’s requirements in order to have the finished product ready within the specified timescale.If you have an interview or report that you want to reach the widest possible audience, get in touch using the contact form or send us an e-mail via We look forward to helping you diffuse the message.

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