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AMPERSOUND Translate Media, your new audiovisual translation service

We have great news to share with you: the arrival of AMPERSOUND Translate Media, an innovative project in Granada (Spain) that sets out to focus primarily on audiovisual translation, subtitling, narration and dubbing. AMPERSOUND is a group of professionals with a broad range of experience across the field of audiovisual translation and dubbing who have joined forces to create and lead this enterprising initiative that promises a one-stop service and simplifies the whole translation process.


The name comes from a play on words that melds the symbol & or ampersand (which represents a union of elements) and the word sound. The latter is something that is omnipresent in our field of expertise, and we work alongside dubbing and voice-over professionals. This symbiosis of concepts is also reflected in the design of our logo.

AMPERSOUND Translate Media logo.

Meet the AMPERSOUND team

Eugenia Arrés: translator, proofreader and expert in quality assurance since 2004. Five years as an in-house project manager. Specialist in subtitling and video games, as well as in the training and mentoring of staff. Experience in narration and dubbing.

Fernando Castillo: translator since 2010. Instructor in audiovisual translation. Specialist in subtitling, plus translation of dubbing and voice-over scripts, as well as an expert in documentaries.

Juan Yborra: translator and proofreader since 2013. Specialisation in subtitling for video-on-demand (VOD) platforms, DVD and film festivals, translation of scripts for voice-over, plus quality assurance (QA).

Javier Rebollo: audiovisual translator for numerous television channels and digital platforms. Designer of the first subtitling format for smartwatch. Specialist in localisation and transcreation.

José Antonio Meca: narration and dubbing project manager, as well as director and dubbing actor with 30 years of experience in the industry.

As you can see, each one of us is an expert in a different area. And therein lies our strength: the ability to take on each and every audiovisual project – from films and TV series to commercials and corporate videos, not to mention documentaries and video games – with the professionality that comes only with experience. If you want to know more, here are the services we can provide.

Equipo de AMPERSOUND Translate Media: Javier Rebollo, José Antonio Meca, Juan Yborra, Eugenia Arrés y Fernando Castillo.
Left to right: Javier Rebollo, José Antonio Meca, Juan Yborra, Eugenia Arrés and Fernando Castillo.

Objectives and advantages of AMPERSOUND

The professionals who take part in the process of translating an audiovisual project usually work alone, which does little to promote communication or ensure the seamless progression of the process. At AMPERSOUND we wanted to bring together each one of the cogs in the machine, to have more direct contact with the end client and be able to control the entire process so as to provide a fast and personalised service.

And so, one day we asked ourselves: ‘What about fusing the fields of translation and dubbing in a way that enables us to efficiently manage the entire project cycle?’ And from that was born the idea of AMPERSOUND, a collective project that connects every contributor and which places  translation, subtitling, localisation, accessibility, narration and dubbing professionals at your disposal.

Our commitment to you:

1. To provide you a one-stop service and oversee the entire process, from the creation of the original script to the translation and on to the dubbing. Our goal is to deliver you a finished product that’s been reviewed from beginning to end.

Eugenia Arrés y José Antonio Meca en el estudio de doblaje de AMPERSOUND Translate Media.
Eugenia Arrés and José Antonio Meca in the dubbing studio.

2. To provide the widest and most up-to-date range of services, which can all be adapted to your requirements. No more going from one company to another – we handle the linguistic side as well as the technical and audiovisual aspects.

Mesa de mezclas en AMPERSOUND Translate Media.
Mixing desk at AMPERSOUND Translate Media

3. To have the facilities necessary to offer these services, which is one of the primary innovations at AMPERSOUND. We want to be your trusted partner, and for that reason we have our own dubbing studio plus the technical team to bring your audiovisual projects to fruition.

4. To keep up with the demand for audiovisual content. With the vast demand for films, TV series and video games, our industry is booming. Video-on-demand (VOD) platforms – such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon – have revolutionised the market. There is an ever increasing amount of content for translation, subtitling or dubbing, and AMPERSOUND is here to satisfy that need and rise to the challenge with the level of professionalism that you demand.

Juan Yborra subtitulando en AMPERSOUND Translate Media.
Juan Yborra subtiting at AMPERSOUND Translate Media.

6. To work with the finest professionals for each project. We are conscious of the importance of delivering the highest-quality product, and for that reason we rely upon genuine experts for each one of the services we provide, all endorsed by years of experience in the industry. Relax and enjoy: your linguistic and audiovisual project are in safe hands.

José Antonio Meca y Javier Rebollo en el estudio de doblaje de AMPERSOUND Translate Media.
José Antonio Meca and Javier Rebollo in the dubbing studio.

Do you have a film to translate or dub? A TV series or video game to subtitle? A corporate video about your firm that needs narrating? Or maybe you need audio description or subtitling services for the deaf? You can count on us.

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