Since the dawn of time, mankind has been passionate about storytelling. In the early 20th century cinema became the most popular media for this, but from the 1950s the explosion of television robbed film of its lead and the first TV series began to enter our homes.

In general, television series originally offered undemanding entertainment with little depth or development of the characters. As a result, the recipe was simple: create uncomplicated programmes that would appeal to the widest audience. A good example of this would be America’s first successful series – the sitcom I Love Lucy, which was broadcast by CBS from 1951 to 1957 and which for several years attained the highest viewing figures of its genre. Other notable series of the 1950s include Bonanza and The Twilight Zone.

Poster for the 1959 American series The Twilight Zone.

Since then, television series have grown in every sense and today the most successful can boast budgets equaling or even exceeding that of many feature films. Today’s on-demand television, meanwhile, enables viewers to decide exactly what they watch, and this increased choice has led to a greater number of new productions annually.

As such, there can be no doubt that television series are are the height of fashion today. Almost every traditional TV channel – plus, as we have seen, the on-demand services that represent their new rivals – is producing its own series, making this a golden age of audiovisual entertainment by the episode. At AMPERSOUND we translate series of all genres, but whatever the theme we never lose sight of the seal of excellence that characterises all of our work. Whether there are 8 episodes or 100, we’ll work our socks off to ensure that each one receives the quality translation that it merits.If you’ve got a TV series that you want to reach the widest possible audience, use the contact form to tell us all about it or send us an e-mail via We’re looking forward to working together to ensure your project is a success.

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